Saturday, July 21, 2012

Denver Shooter - Why Kill Your Fellow Americans?

Where does the Denver Shooting, or even the Oklahoma bombing make sense?

WHY kill your own kind - innocents Americans because you have some "beef" that doesn't amount to a pitch of crap? Whatever your "beef" is does NOT justify killing innocent people with heavy weapons, or any weapons.

The Denver shooter is like the crazy Norwegian Brevik, who killed his own people over petty political differences. He slaughtered people because they belonged to a party. He did the same as the coward in Denver - butchers people with high powered weapons, then meekly surrenders to the police. Coward bastard killers.

The Denver shooter slaughtered people because they were at a Batman event.

It's not the midnight movie that will get the next bunch. It's the idiot who thinks killing will solve his problems.  Next time it could be at the car wash. It's not about the movie, its about the willingness of some to kill people who did nothing to them.

It's TIME WE SHOW PEOPLE RESPECT and knock off the stupid, violent movies. It's time people started showing each other RESPECT - across party's, religions, cultures.

Only then can we stop this mindless madness, which it is...

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