Friday, July 6, 2012

My Next Car - It FLIES! (Because it HAS to!)


Due to lack of GOP votes for infrastructure repair I NEED this WORKABLE FLYING CAR to get OVER the pile ups on outdated highways and collapsing bridges.  Right now, in my car it takes me an HOUR (each way) to get to my office in Sugar Land from Clear Lake.  It takes an hour to go to Kingwood.  It takes an hour to go ANYWHERE.

America's bridges are near collapse. I need to get to A to Z faster than sitting on potholed roads. The "Fast Trains" that I supported when I ran for Congress (and Tom DeLay and the gop OPPOSED) never got built.

They weren't built statewide under people like Gov. Perry, so NOW we face Texas road GRIDLOCK, to due lack of investment or planning for the future.


A "Flying Car" for me would actually a "Green" way to go - I drive over 40,000 - 50,000 miles year in my business (we have to inspect a site to properly advise a client). In doing so I waste countless hours in traffic crawling on Texas roads that the Flying Car would avoid - same for others in the same situation.

AND my carbon footprint would be LESS!

I am a Pilot so no big deal about flying it.  I would be more concerned about some idiot without insurance running into it! LOL. Lot of morons on the streets, texting while driving. Driving! Ummm. Texting while flying? Ummm. LOL

With this craft, you just fly it to nearest airport, fold wings, and DRIVE! It parks in the garage! Even non-pilots would have a chance with this beautiful simple machine.
 I WANT ONE! Both the pilot in me and the Entrepreneur NEED something like that - but less than a quarter million (hey, I'm not Romney, born rich and buying Car Elevators!).  just have a thriving green company and a need to be more efficient in traveling.

Especially in AUSTIN/HOUSTON/DALLAS traffic...

 I NEED one! YOU need one, if you had the magic cash to buy it? I have ideas for that too....

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