Sunday, October 21, 2012

Congress vs CHINA on Technology - CHINA WINS

 Above Photo: Shot my me, Michael Fjetland, a little over a week ago at the Shanghai airport, after just getting off a 265 mph ride to Shanghai airport - the fastest train in the world.

Compare these images to a Congress that has not even repaired 70 year old bridges in America (like the I-10 bridge over Lake Charles, LA) much less invested in the technologies that will keep us leading the high tech 21st Century....

Above: The sign which is over the entrance from Shanghai airport to the Maglev - I came through that door a week ago today, after traveling at 265 mph on a 7 minute journey (video link here).

COMPARE that above (not to mention the BULLET TRAINS that passed us on the highway - so fast I couldn't get a photo) BELOW, America's Trains...

NOW TELL ME OUR GOP Congress is keeping us competitive in the world....? They have fought Obama's high tech initiatives such as high speed rail to keep us in the global technology race that will define this 21st century...

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