Thursday, October 25, 2012

Speakers Topic: “Getting America to No. 1 in the Inescapable High-Tech, Space Age, Global Economy 21st Century”

If anyone needs a speaker, consider this one:

Michael Fjetland's Speakers Topic:  
“Getting America to No. 1 in the Inescapable 
High-Tech, Space Age, Global Economy 21st Century”

I just returned from China. I first went there 30 years ago for a Fortune 500 company on pollution control technology negotiations. I am putting together a presentation that compares China's advances in that 30 years vs the USA's position.

 One of my last things I did in China was ride their 265 mph MagLev - and I shot a 7 minute video of it. I also have photos from 1982 for comparison. When I first arrived in China 30 years ago for an American Fortune 500 company trying to sell pollution control technology, the bicycle was the main transport vehicle. Now it is the largest car market in the world. It's amazing.

As this Presidential race has shown, China will be the key major player in the 21st century - it is a high tech global 21st century where the best educated with the best technology will win.

I recently went to Louisiana on I-10, America’s primary East-West highway link in th southern U.S. –one of its weakest links is the 70 year old I-10 bridge at Lake Charles has been reduced from 4 to 2 lanes, and still the new light-bulbs break from the vibration. Yet Congress refused to provide funds to replace it before it collapses into the waters below. There are thousands more in the same condition. China is investing in High-Tech and Education; America’s Congress has not.

The last part of my presentation talks about how we WIN this tech race in a global economy, based on my experience from the Fortune 500 to being an entrepreneur in nearly 50 countries the past 30 plus years.
Contact Info:
Michael Fjetland
“Better Times Ahead: April Fool?”   (How to Survive a Layoff on a Global Scale)
Book info:  The author went from a farm to being one of the first business negotiators in China after Nixon opened the doors. He went from growing up milking cows to traveling first class for a Fortune 500 company --once giving up a room in the Nile Hilton for the first ever peace treaty between Israel and an Arab country in 1979 when President Carter successfully negotiated this historic peace treaty.

Then the author was laid off and became an entrepreneur --once going broke in Bangkok, and leading an international child kidnapping negotiation in Syria – one of the few to see it from the inside. The author became a 9/11 TV terrorism analyst… All this and other strange but true tales are in "Better Times Ahead: APril Fool? -- much of it based on old journals that give the reader a sense of old China in 1982, and what its like to have an aircraft failure and kidnapping attempt on the same day.

"Better Times Ahead"  finishes with SOLUTIONS in "Agenda for American Greatness" on fixing America’s fix it is in after a decade of madness that led to the greatest economic meltdown since the Great Depression  –FACTS on how we REALLY got into this mess AND (even more important now) HOW WE FIX IT.  

If anyone knows the answer “HOW TO GET AMERICA WINNING THE HIGH TECH SPACE AGE 21st Century" -- it is someone who has negotiated in nearly 50 countries the past 30 plus years from Fortune 500 to helping small business export more American products that create jobs in America -- and that is the speaker, Michael Fjetland..
Contact Info:
Michael Fjetland
“Better Times Ahead: April Fool?”   (How to Survive a Layoff on a Global Scale)

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