Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Last Time Wall Street Shut Down - 1888. Sandy and Climate Change Wake Up Call

The last time Wall Street was shut down was...1888.

"Sandy" - better known by its other name "Frankenstorm" - hit New York with the lowest barometic pressure on record - 940 millibars. Over 8 million are out of power. Sandy was fueled by a Gulf Stream that flows up the east coast that was 5 to 9 degrees ABOVE normal.

Think of it. New York has now been hit by three hundred year storms - in 3 years! First Earl, then Irene, now "Sandy."  All late season Hurricanes hitting an area not known for hurricanes - nor-easters, yes, not hurricanes.

Damages are now estimated at $40 BILLION!  This year Romney said that communities hit by storms like Sandy "are on their own."  Don't look to FEMA for help. Is this how we want to live? If IKE that hit Houston in 2008 was paid for only by Texas, we would have been SUNK locally.

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And HOW will it IMPACT the ELECTION?  NEVER BEFORE, just a week before election, have MILLIONS of people been out of electricity. Voting machines can't work. Could it swing the election?  Stay tuned....

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