Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Sandy - Which President Would Help ?

Sandy shows the difference in this Presidential choice.

In this corner you have the President, the guy who will help the ordinary Americans when the chips are down. Obama believes in the Feds like FEMA coming in to help when a big disaster hits. He's pushing for cleaner, greener free energy from things like wind and solar, which if put on houses would work when telephone lines are cut by storms like Sandy, Ike, Katrina, etc.

And then you have the challenger, Romney, who said in debates that he would let the states pay the entire burden. He would pass the costs of a "Sandy" on to those hit by it!  Romney's actions would hit States and local taxpayers the hardest because the loss isn't spread over 50 states...its all paid for the locals who take the hit, like the folks in Joplin who were hit by a killer tornado, or those in Houston during IKE or those hit in Louisiana by Katrina, or AnyWhere USA when it happens NEXT...(because there is ALWAYS a "next" when it comes to weather. Sooner or later, we all get hit).

With WEATHER GETTING MORE VIOLENT and storms BIGGER, voting for Romney is NOT a SMART MOVE -- unless you want your local tax authority passing the costs to YOU after the next storm! LOL.

My company Armor Glass protects people from this crap, but that doesn't mean that i support bigger storms and more violence to structures --its quite the OPPOSITE! That's a reason I write the Global American Series on these global issues that impact our future and prosperity.  The ongoing, building climate train wreck jeopardizes the lives of future generations -- not just Americans but people of all nations who share this little blue planet wit-- the only thing like it hin million of light years of space.

Do you have another planet in mind if we mess up this one?

We are in trouble as a planet -- and as a human race...!  Without action on global warming, we face dire consequences for ourselves and future generations.  If Earth loses its ice refrigeration system (ice in the poles and Greenland) folks, then we become a COOKED Planet, like frogs happily sitting in the gradually warming water  pot, frogs that never realize their fate until its too late. Ice cores show that we are breaching the normal heat patterns of the last 800,000 years!

We need to act NOW because  it will be YOUR grandkids enduring the consequences of our failure to act now.

Ever think about this - A dead planet is bad for business! Because there is none if you're dead, right?
Stay tuned Earthlings. "Subscribe' for updates...

Pass it on.

Your choice in 2012 will determine if we are frogs or humans reaching their potential in a high tech global space age economy that will shape the 21st century for America and the world...

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