Thursday, October 4, 2012

Next Stop China: NO FACEBOOK

4 October 2012
Photo Above: Me, on the Great Wall, 1982 (then 32 year old Fortune 500 negotiator. Ms. Wang Yen was one of the Chinese interpreters during the negotiations we had with their Ministry of Machine Building (at the time)..

If I go missing the next days on Facebook, it will be for one reason.

I will be in CHINA.

I have been told (we shall see) that CHINA DOES NOT ALLOW ACCESS TO FACEBOOK!!!


Soooooo, if you are interested in seeing IF I am still alive in China there will be only one way since you won't know it from FACEBOOK -- you will have to find out by checking my GLOBAL AMERICAN BLOG - where you can leave comments, which I would be interested in.

I hope to upload real time photos of today's Beijing/Shanghai...including the 268 mile per hours Magnetic Levitation Train that rides on electric currents instead of on steel...the only thing like it in the world. Built with German technology and being expanded. It beats risking running high speed on steel on steel when triple digit heat warps a rail.

It was exactly thirty (30) years ago that I was sent to China as a 32 year old attorney/negotiator representing an American Fortune 500 company which was trying to beat out the Germans and Swedish companies vying for the same contract-which was to sell China pollution control equipment technology to take the coal dust out of their coal power plants. That was 1982!

In 1982 the only thing the Chinese drove were bicycles.  Hard to believe, but true. The story of "old" China is in my book "Better Times Ahead: April Fool?"

At the time the air became so fouled from coal dust that I ended up in bed (as a 32-year old) with respiratory issues for a couple days. In 1982 China EVERYONE RODE BICYCLES. If you stepped off a curb at the wrong time you could be run down by a MILLION bicycles.

TODAY, if you step off a curb at the wrong time....Well, I'll SHOW YOU WHAT you would be run over by...MILLIONS OF THEM.


I especially want to ride the 268 mph "Magnetic Levitation" train that runs from Shanghai airport into Shanghai - magnets keep the train floating so there is less risk of a derailment like there is with steel wheels on steel rails that can be twisted by triple digit heat - not something you want to happen on a High Speed Rail Line.

But I won't be able to share any of that with you via  my Facebook account as we do in the U.S., Europe, etc.

Feel free to circulate those of interest by posting them on your FB group.

Our American ECONOMIC FUTURE IS TIED TO CHINA, unavoidably.

What is China like NOW?


You will see i n the days ahead via the Global American Blog  -- until I can re-access FACEBOOK.

Soon, my FB life fades to black soon, when I step on that jetway for a 13 to 14 hour Air Shuttle ride to the ancient, fascinating land of China....which boosts a recorded history of some 5,000 years.

Michael Fjetland
Global American Series

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