Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Anniversary of Bombing of World Trade - 6 killed

On this date in 1993 a car bomb went off under the World Trade Center - 6 were killed. This is me in 1994 - the year after, investigating it - because I had done a video about the potential of a terrorist attack on the U.S.

I had no idea in 1994 when I was standing there that that I am standing in front of a doomed sign in a doomed building. Even though i had written a book about a potential terrorist attack on the U.S. including Washington DC. 

Today, it is Congress killing us instead of terrorists. The deficit hawk Tea Party guys are strangling our economy -

Stupid cuts are never better than Smart Cuts. And repeating the mistake of 1937 is pretty stupid if you don't read the history books and are an actual sitting member of Congress. It was FDR's attempt to cut and balance the budget - after stimulating the economy in the Great Depression that put the American struggling economy back into recession. It happened when they made cuts and tried to balance the budget prematurely after the Great Depression started. it put us into a hole unto WWII.

If you want to know what prediction is next, click "follow" or "subscribe"...Europe has twice as much unemployment as the U.S. because of "Austerity" - the path chosen by the Tea Party GOP that controls the House of Representatives - killing the American economy even more than terrorism.

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