Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Start Treating Each Other Professionally and With RESPECT

After a small car accident, one American couple found themselves looking at the barrel of a gun. Over an accident a man actually pulled a gun! THEN he shot the man in the leg!

 Then Olympic champion Oscar Pistorius, with a bright future in front of him, who seemed to be such an incredible story of a person overcoming great obstacles - a boy born without legs below his knee who became a "blade runner" winning races with a prosthesis, suddenly goes off the rails and rains bullets on his girlfriend.

He claimed it was a "burglar" --that he didn't have his "legs on" and "felt vulnerable" if it was a burglar.  Then it turns out  the bullets were coming DOWN on Reeva as she cowered in that bathroom from someone standing ABOVE her, someone on his legs.One neighbor reported an argument before the shooting that lasted over an hour. Another neighbor reported hearing an argument, then shots, screams. THE he heard MORE shots after the screams. Sure Oscar, I am so stupid to believe you versus a neighbor who isn't shooting anybody...

 If our role models are shallow reality stars what does that say about us as as Americans?

If all we watch are violent TV and movies, to the point where our own citizens start pulling weapons on each other, then we have lost the values of our founding fathers (and mothers)? We need to get our values back or else we enter a slippery slope that no one - no one - will like.

Let's get off the violence and bad behavior. I have had enough of people who feel justified in blowing their stacks publicly - Cary Grant would not be pleased.

 I am not impressed with grown up idiots acting out on public. I am not impressed with the guy who slapped a crying baby on a flight, then said a racial epithet. Someone should have slapped him. Only the ignorant judge a person by their color instead of their character. I know this, having met people of all colors in over three decades from Asia to Africa.

We need more men like Bogie and Cary Grant. We need more Michelle Obama's and Princess Leia's out there -- and less focus on the mindless lives of Jersey Shore or the Kim Kardashians or the horror of an Oscar Pistorius. It is robbing our minds and our lives of true meaning and value to our fellow humans.

I have had the  rare and unique opportunity to get to know people in nearly 50 countries in my life so far and I have found good people in every one of them. I have met very few awful people in all of those countries, including America. American values have always been a high standard in the world - other countries envied what we were and what we did. We were free, democratic and builders.

But today in Washington DC I see  a Congress that has forgotten about America and American values. They haven't got a real clue on global economics. They have no global strategy and don't even know that America's key global competitors DO. Congress seems focused on creating fiscal cliffs and mindless Sequester cuts versus smart cuts. They seem ignorant of the FDR mistake of 1937 (austerity) and still are addicted to voodoo economics. There insincerity is evidenced when they object to every Presidential proposal even when it was originally their ideas - until they were adopted by the President.

I have been around the world, from representing both large Fortune 500 - the biggest - to the smallest American entrepreneur.  I am embarrassed that we have such hillbilly idiots as alleged Congress representatives for America. They are driving us into the dirt. They have no clue what is going on in the world. 

That includes new Senator from Texas-never-elected-to-anything before Cruz-courtesy-of-hillbillie-teabaggers. He is so full of himself that he even lectures the seniors who know things Mr. Cruz disrespects. Cruz was one of only 3 votes against Secretary of State John Kerry. What does that tell you about his opinion?  His whole demeanor is uncivil and disrespect. That is not an American value of our founders.

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