Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chinese Hacks on Over 100 U.S. Corporations - this Ain't my First Rodeo, with China

It has been disclosed that China's military has a cyber unit that has hacked over 100 U.S. corporations not to mention our own Pentagon. This has been going on for over 7 years.

Yet Congress has refused to pass a Cyber-Security bill requested by the President. Insane.

In the old days spies had to travel and risk copying a paper file in the dead of night. Not anymore.

Now they can sit in a nondescript building in Shanghai China and steal a million times more data while safe from arrest. After a day of stealing American secrets, they can look forward to dinner at home every night. I was on the Shanghai Bund last October - 30 years after my first trip there for a Fortune 500 company selling pollution control technology in the 80's.

Stealing globally is now done as we sleep from half way across the planet. Patents, user names, every piece of data of a company or person may have on their computer. Or our own government can now be viewed by someone sitting in a military financed building in Shanghai, or a hacker in Russia sitting in his underwear.

It is a brave new cyber world - and our systems are 18th century horse and buggy systems begging to allow global rip offs by computer criminals and foreign military spies -- with zero risk of physical risk.

All because Congress FAILS to act to protect Americans from 21st Century Economic and Military threats.

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