Saturday, February 23, 2013

That Half Century Took About 5 Minutes!

What happened? TIME Flies! Seems like yesterday we were just kids. Now we are geezers! LOL. At least this time Rose is paying attention...:0)

 I intended to keep working on my book (worked til after 10 last night) then discovered the computer had decided to suck in several gigabytes of photos and videos from an external drive - almost filling up the hard drive. That could have led to a nasty instead of doing houston rodeo stuff today I am deleting a lot of duplicates to keep computer humming, then back to writing. I HAVE to get this done ASAP, because I have another one to do after that.

As I work I'm watching Rick Steve's Europe on PBS - he just did a program on Budapest (Hungry) - it's on my bucket list. Americans need to travel if they are to lead the world. We can't lead what we don't know.  Congress is so clueless -- they are costing us the global economic lead. The only thing working for us is that Europe is also pursuing the "Austerity" road which has kept them in a hole. Our own Congress is attempting to get us to join them in that hole of negative growth.  How they are hurting us, and how we win is in my updated "Better Times Ahead" book..coming soon!

Rick is now in Lisbon...I was there for a weekend once...great food! I think that is where I tried PORT for the first time. Stout stuff!

Standby for updates on the Updated, Illustrated Photo Essay  "Better Times Ahead"...

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