Saturday, February 23, 2013

World's WORST Dictator - Now Killing in the Tens of Thousands

We should NOT forget the innocent people being killed by the world's WORST DICTATOR today - Bashir Assad in Syria.  Shelling women and children in the tens of thousands. Today's Syria could be tomorrow's 9/11 attack if it doesn't work out right.
The 1st photo is me on a child kidnapping case in Damascus, Syria in the late 90's, standing next to the Great Mosque.
2nd photo is one that I took that shows what the Damascus streets looked like THEN. Pretty quiet and tame.
3rd Photo is what those Damascus streets look like NOW...blown away by Bashir Assad, son of his father dictator, who was also a wholesale killer of his people.   
Basir is the Kim Jung Un of the Middle East--another son of a dictator who has more power than concern about his own people. One starves his people while he builds nukes, the other shells his own people to hold on to power.

When I was in Syria it was the dictator father Hafez Assad who ruled. His face was on every billboard we drove past. The streets at night were deserted and eery. He shelled an entire village to suppress a protest.
His son is even worse...shelling his own cities, snipers shooting women and kids trying to get food. Without U.S. help the rebels trying to free Syria are needing the crazies to help break the stalemate. It could become a Egypt or Iran. Even Israel is nervous about the outcome.
There are no good choices. To put troop in would be nuts. weapons yes but not the wrong kind to the wrong people. Otherwise, Syria could become another Al Qaida haven. Anything could happen.
Stay tuned with updates by following Global American Values...
Standby for the illustrated updated for "BETTER Times Ahead..."
Next photo: What the market in Damascus looked like when we were trying to get Teri's girl back:

 Last  photo is what those streets in Damascus look like TODAY....
What happens there could affect our tomorrow's security. Stay tuned for updates in Global American values...

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