Monday, July 1, 2013

Edward Snowden - Dumbest Criminal EVER?

Is Edward Snowden the dumbest-leaker-ever of senstitive documents?

He certainly spent a LOT of time planning how to get to sensitive NSA documents - then commenced the stupidest "get-a-way" in history. It's another example how clueless people can be when dealing with the world they think they know -- but don't. Stay with me on this.

So, where did Snowden go to "make his escape" after releasing the documents? First stop was HONG KONG - technically "independent" of China but not really. If Beijing sneezes Hong Kong catches a cold. Whoever gets elected in Hong Kong does so with Beijing's blessing.

So why would a guy professing to be an ally of "FREEDOM" and "OPENNESS" head for a one-party state that is the opposite of freedom and openness? That make sense?

Then Snowden goes next to RUSSIA! Putin's Russia has no regard for democracy, freedom or openness. Even their elections are rigged (that's why Putin is once again "President"). Snowden's NSA files is certainly a bonanza for the Russians who certainly will be examining any documents he is carrying (we assume he didn't upload them "to the cloud" where it might be hacked!)

And where does Snowden WANT to go? To Ecuador or Venezuela - neither country is a bastion of freedom. So Mr. "Freedom" Snowden seeks out every undemocratic country on earth to flee to. What does this say about him?

So why didn't he go to Ecuador first? he'd already be there instead of stuck in a transit hotel at Moscow airport. It's the spy who couldn't think straight about how to escape with the loot. In fact, why not get to the hideaway before releasing the stolen info?

This points to the international stupidity of someone who is supposed to be "smart."  I checked the flights from Hong Kong - none go to Ecuador without making a stop in the USA (some stop in Canada or Japan but both are US allies who would honor our request to hold him). The same situation applies to flights from Russia to Ecuador - most require stops in Europe or the USA. Even Cuba is not necessarily an option - it has been warming up to the USA and may not want this idiot stirring things up.

So why wasn't this "smart guy" Snowden smart enough to have a better exit strategy planned? He wins the prize for the original amateur hour -- going the wrong way to the wrong places for the wrong reasons that do not represent democracy or American values.

In doing so, Snowden has undoubtedly allowed Chinese and Russian officials access to whatever electronic files he has with him. If this is a "hero" then he deserves a medal from the Chinese and Russian intelligence agencies. Obviously, they have more intelligence than Snowden has shown.

In TIME, the Russians were quoted as saying: "At a meeting of the Public Chamber, an advisory body to the Kremlin, everyone from lawmakers and spin doctors to senior Russian diplomats hailed Snowden as a hero who needs the motherland’s protection. “If he asks for political asylum, we must provide it,” said Robert Shlegel, a parliamentarian from Putin’s political party. Another one of the party’s lawmakers, Alexander Sidyakin, even pledged to nominate Snowden for the Nobel Peace Prize."

So the RUSSIANS, want to give Snowdwn a Peace Prize. LOL. If he was a "hero" then he should have stayed in the U.S. and made his case on our courts. But he ran, without a plan, right into checkmate!  Have a lousy life Mr. Snowden in whatever craphole you end up; its what you deserve.

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