Saturday, November 2, 2013

America's Battle Between the Powerful and the Rest of Us...Repeating history

TUNE IN to the History Channel - it is running a tremendous series on America's constant battle between the little guy and the corporate tycoons who try to monopolize industry - even Ford ran into it when he tried to get approval for his car and was rejected by a group that claimed no one could build a car and sell it without their approval.

So, being the lonely entrepreneur with a car (his version 2.0) he challenged the fastest driver of the time to a race.

Ford won! He was just a poor boy until then.

Ummmm....TUNE IN. It's a history lesson all Americans need to relearn.

Last series was how Teddy Roosevelt led the trust busters against the JP Morgan, Rockefeller and Carnegie monopolies who were controlling EVERYTHING at the time - the 3 of them had more wealth than the top 40 BILLIONAIRES today..

The robber barons were ruthless. 1 in 11 steel workers died on the job. Poverty was so great a laid off man shot Pres. McKinley who was financed to the tune of $20 billion in today's dollars by these 3 men. They bought false ads in papers (sound familar? lol). THe big monopolies had put McKinley in office. His VP, Teddy Roosevelt would NOT be intimated by power when he took over. He broke them up. America benefited, conditions improved.

It's time again for the little guys win instead of the super wealthy. 
Unlike Rockefeller, Ford paid a LIVING WAGE. He was the OPPOSITE of the Rockefeller's and JP Morgans of the world.  He wanted to pay people enough to buy his car.
Look how today only a few companies own almost all of America's radio and TV airwaves. A few people, like Rupert Murdoch, can twist public opinion, even falsely, just like the monopolists did that Teddy Roosevelt broke up.

I have a plan. It's in "Agenda for American Greatness."

So, if I do take on Cornyn for that Texas U.S. Senate seat would be like Henry Ford taking on the fastest race driver of his time. I've had bigger challenges. They are detailed in "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - title comes from a sign i once saw at 2 a.m. in India. It fits life.

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