Friday, November 22, 2013

50 Years Ago We Had Hate Media blasting JFK. Time to Change...

I wish to add one significant insight that is not in my earlier blog post.

Fifty years ago we had Hate Media. At the time the hate media was limited to newspapers like the Dallas Morning News, which was one of JFK's harshest critics. Who knows if its campaign did not incite an Oswald etc to commit murder. The DMN obviously is not the same paper today but we have new sources of Hate Media - like Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck who play fast and false with facts - to the point where they even fail to recognize a state-issued birth certificate.

None of that is good for America. While we have a countrywide bar fight, the rest of the world is speeding past us. We can't even get basic work done, like budgets and confirmations. It has led to the "Nuclear Option" in the Senate. Its unfortunate, but when Senators routinely fail to return "blue slips" that allow a vote on a nominee, it's out of control.

Ted Cruz and John Cornyn have done Texas no favors -- we have courts without judges and thousands of other non-actions that have severely damaged our economy.

And Hate Media continues to stir fear and false rumors rather than moving our country in a unified manner forward. Our enemies are not the other party - its our foreign competitors beating us in markets and education and technology. And because of hate media and obstructionists like Cruz/Cornyn, America is less than what it should be and what it can be....

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