Sunday, November 24, 2013

Next 2 weeks --Fact checking Austerity in Europe vs. Democrat/Obama Investment Strategy

Tomorrow, as a U.S. Senate candidate, I leave for 2 weeks for time in Italy, Greece and Turkey, to see first hand and do fact checking on what the European austerity economics have done to their economies--at my expense since it was paid for back in March. I intend to make this a study and planning trip. I return the day filing for candidates closes December 9.

Since Senate votes directly effect our economic future for good or bad, I will be putting my findings on my Global American values blog, and some photos. You can easily find the blog link on the left side of my U.S. Senate Page.

Hint: Statistics and facts show that European austerity has resulted in nearly 50% of their youth unemployed. Their overall unemployment has been almost TWICE that of the USA under President Obama.

When the USA economy crashed in 2008, President Obama did the opposite of European austerity. Obama did what FDR did--invested in projects--to the extent he could despite being blocked by the GOP on jobs bills, infrastructure bills, etc.  For example, our GOP Congress is letting tens of thousands of bridges do what the one on I-35 in Minnesota did--collapse into the river with people driving over it.

It will be the first time that I have been in Greece and Turkey.  I got to spend one day in Rome in the 80's and a few days in Milan (Italy's key industrial city in the north.) If you haven't been there, you really don't know what its like. And I say that after working in nearly 50 countries. Once you see it up close and personal, you learn a lot fast.  You probably missed a tiny entry in today's Houston Chronicle about a fierce storm in Europe.

Yesterday, a cyclone (we call them hurricanes) just hit an island off Italy called Sardinia (see photo.) What is so weird is that it would be striking this late in the season. Maybe that is why it was named Cleopatra? They had 18 inches of rain in 1 hour!

And a November? Just like the freak weather the USA has been having. Asia had the strongest hurricane (they also call them cyclones) ever recorded--the one that hit the Philippines.

To me this is another indicator that we are facing serious climate issues with deadly consequences.

We must act since our children do not have another planet to move to once we toast our own blue planet. As it is, our buildings are blowing apart in ever more fierce storms.

SO sign up for the updates and I will be posting from different countries the next couple weeks. IT is a GLOBAL ECONOMY my fellow Americans. Our kids aren't competing with kids from Mississippi. They are competing with kids from China, India, Europe, etc.

We can't lead a world we know nothing about. Standby for Fjet for U.S. Senate.

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