Thursday, November 14, 2013

It's OFFICIAL: Fjetland for U.S. Senate in Dem Primary March 4

Update: Yesterday I went to the TX Democrat Party HQ in Austin to check out the situation.

 Honestly, if someone like Chris Bell or Bill White were running for the U.S. Senate seat occupied by John Cornyn, I would have stayed out of it. But that hasn't happened. At this time only one other candidate has signed up, a nice lawyer from El Paso.  They are "talking" to another person who is also lawyer who "might" sign up after Thanksgiving. I will be out of the country then and so my options were limited to "now or never."

Considering the Senate deals with global issues that impact our country's economy, I felt i have the experience required and might as well throw my hat in the ring. It will be the international lawyer-turned-entrepreneur versus one or two domestic lawyers (I have done plenty of domestic law too).

So, I signed up and wrote a check. Game on!  The Democrat primary election will be held March 4, 2014. That's the goal - once reached, then it is on to November for the general election. I assume that Mr. Cornyn will win against his current three challengers.

Couple key points: This will be a positive campaign of ideas and solutions to make American No. 1 again. My plan has been formulated from my global experience and is contained in "Agenda for American Greatness" a free copy of which is on my book website - along with my personal memoirs.

I have no desire to be negative towards fellow Democrats who are nice people who probably share the same opinions I do on key issues. The difference between us is simply one of experience in the global economy. If anyone else has been in nearly 50 countries on business the last 30 years, I welcome them to join us in this discussion. It is a high tech global economy. I am the only candidate for US Senate to have the global hi tech and entrepreneurial experience needed to win 21st century

I part ways with the GOP on social and economic issues. It was their actions --including Mr. Cornyn's--starting with unpaid for tax cuts in 2002 and unpaid for wars that took Clinton's $300 billion surplus and turned it into TRILLIONS in debt for the USA. "Agenda for American Greatness" is a roadmap to get our mojo back.

Please stay tuned by clicking "follow" or "subscribe" to this blog to get the latest campaign information. Of course, I recommend volunteers and donations. Contributions can be made at the website:

Thank you! Please pass this on to your friends.

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