Sunday, November 17, 2013

Global Expert files for US Senate - the "anti-Cruz"

For Immediate Release                     Contact: Michael Fjetland
November 15, 2014                          Phone: 281-299-9576

Michael  Fjetland, president of Armor Glass International, Inc., a security company,  filed for the U.S. Senate yesterday representing Texas.  He formerly worked as an international attorney, negotiating contracts for the oil and gas industry in over 50 countries for both large companies and as an entrepreneur for small ones. He has been a TV Terrorism analyst after 9/11 and has written the book "Better Times Ahead April Fool," the final chapter of which contains his Agenda for American Greatness for getting America back to being No. 1 in the world again.

While Mr. Fjetland's expertise is international affairs, he has a 15-point platform including strong positions on education, health care and job training  so we remain the leading country in the world in today's high-tech,  global economy.

Says Fjetland: "We have a 'Skills gap' of over 2 million high tech jobs in the USA available today, but Americans don’t have the skills to qualify for those jobs. Chinese workers do. Indian workers do. Michael believes Americans should be filling those jobs instead of sending them overseas or filling them with foreign workers.  Additional positions cover environmental quality, transportation, and NASA.

He promises to always represent the best interests of Texas, including funding for critical Texas needs. For more information, check out his website at:

You may also check out his Global American Values blog:
and “Better Times Ahead April Fool” ebook site:


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