Sunday, June 15, 2014

A shocking Case How Dumb and Dumber is Taking Over...Can't even tell an EBook Cover from a Logo!...

We’ve got a problem folks. I just spent $300 for EBook cover design -- and several of the people submitted LOGO designs! There is a HUGE difference between a logo and a book cover.

Is this what is happening in American education? We seem to have more and more people who can't read simple instructions! My instructions  said: "Need an eBook cover." Here is a title and some photos. That was it! This was not a NASA space shot with reams of instructions (imagine them doing that!)

The trend seems to be dumb and dumber (not the movie). The last time I went through this process I got a GREAT cover (attached). This time I am underwhelmed.

Sorry to break bubbles, but that is one of the reasons why JOBS are going overseas (or people from overseas training are filling them here in the USA).  China and India are producing the engineers and scientists we aren't producing in America. This is not helped when Texas GOP platforms proclaim their desire to “CUT education funding” (after they left it over $2 Billion short in the last Texas legislature despite over 70,000 new students arriving every year). To top it off we have GOP reps in Texas (and nationally) who are convinced the earth is only 5,000 years old!   

If our leadership is that stupid on geography (due to a lack of education) they certainly are not going to know how to be smart on economics. That's how we got 'voodoo economics' that put us in the Great Economic Collapse of 2008 (the ceiling was crashing as Bush handed the keys to Obama).

How we got into this mess -- and how we get out -- is laid out in the book Better Times Ahead April Fool (in case you care about America winning the future)...For those who are visual like me, it is loaded with photographs I took globally over 30 years, so you can see the changes I’ve seen with you own eyes.

America needs to be a winner again.  Winning in a global economy will come from being smart -- not by cutting education and the minimum wage. Winning won't come from voodoo economics either.

Doesn't this cover look GREAT!? It was the winner I picked from 10 designs.

Despite the poor start in this design contest, I hope this time I get another stunning submission for "Houses of Straw...."

Happy Father's Day!

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