Monday, June 23, 2014

WHERE Does America Stand in the World TODAY? Facts from Agenda for American Greatness

Here are some of the FACTS about America's status in the world that i put into "Agenda for American Greatness" and talked about some of them this morning on the radio interview...

In 2000, America was No. 1 in education.

By 2008, America had fallen to somewhere between 9 and 17 in the world in education, depending on whose calculation you use. Obviously, the trend was in the wrong direction.

We were down to No. 12 among developed nations in college graduation, 79th in elementary-school enrollment. U.S. students ranked only 11th (if that now) in science and 9th in math in the world, falling behind Asia and Europe.

My question to you is “How do we lead a high tech world with that?

The average age of American schools is 40 years!

Of the 172 democracies in the world, the United States ranks 139th in voter participation.

Barely a third of Americans can name the three branches of government.
More than half of college seniors recently flunked a civic literacy exam. And in half of US states, civics education isn’t even required in high school.

Life expectancy at birth for American men was 75.6 years and 80.8 for women in 2007― 36th and 33rd in the world!

In Texas, 25% of our residents do not have health insurance, over six million people, the worst ranking in the U.S.

Our infrastructure is No. 23. Meanwhile China is becoming a space power…
EX-IM Bank move by GOP – over 200,000 jobs will be lost..

Our leaders wait for 50-year old bridges to fall before our leaders act to repair them, like the one that fell into the Mississippi River killing unsuspecting commuters in Minnesota when Governor Pawlenty was in office.

We have over 77,000 bridges that are considered “derelict and dangerous” by engineers.

Our roads are crumbling yet we do nothing, invest nothing, while believing we will lead the world anyway....(cont at link 'Agenda for American Greatness")

If you want Better Times Ahead for America, please read "Agenda for American Greatness" at the link and SHARE...(its Free, for now).

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