Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Obsessing Over 5 Old Men from GITMO - Ignoring Tens of Thousands of Jihadis Created by Iraq War...

The GOP is obsessing on release of 5 old men from GITMO in exchange for an American POW. This is a laughable concern. Why?  Because it ignores reality.

Right now TENS OF THOUSANDS of NEW ISIS Militants are roaming IRAQ and Syria and could actually BIG DOWN Iraq -- all thanks to the war started by President Bush and the same Republicans now having a heart attack over the 5 GITMO detainees released by President Obama (they said nothing when Bush released 500 GITMO detainees before he left office.)

The ISIS (an Al Qaida group) has just taken over control of the Iraq cities of Mosul and Tikrit (Saddam's hometown). They have grabbed American military equipment and weapons as Iraqi soldiers abandoned their posts, weapons and uniforms. Compared to the ISIS the "Gitmo 5" are as dangerous as a toothless dog at this point compared to the real threats now on the ground in the Middle East.
Grand Mosque, Mosul, Iraq

Iraq's hand picked (by Bush) Prime Minister Noori Al Malaki is a Shiite - and has created this situation by not sharing power with the Sunnis in Iraq. These Sunnis went off to fight in Syria and are now flowing back across the border from Syria (which is empty desert) and grabbing Iraqi land.

Since Mr. Al Malaki refused to sign a "Status of Forces" agreement that would have allowed American forces to stay, he is on his own.

Bottom line: 5 old men out of circulation are no threat to us compared to the THOUSANDS of new jihadis created by the Bush invasion of Iraq and the collapse of Syria. Iraq and Syria are now one big jihadi kingdom covering two countries.  They could collapse Iraq, which means America's 4400 deaths and $5 Trillion in blood and treasure could all be for nothing.

A bigger threat to Americans are not these malcontents in Iraq. It is from the new American DOMESTIC TERRORISTS, the shooters that are starting to act out at an increasingly alarming rate!

Unlike the Iraq terrorists, the American terrorists are RIGHT HERE, and HEAVILY ARMED. And they listen to false information from select media that has people willing to shoot our own police in their "anti-government" obsessions. Congress should spent less tie on the "GITMO 5' and more time worried about protecting Americans safety here in America.

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