Monday, August 15, 2016

How GOP is Losing an Entire Generation As Trump Brands GOP as Racist Know Nothing Party

What is so COOL about the young people today is that they are very tolerant of others --unlike the old farts (especially conservative whites with no skills who sat in the back of the class thinking they didn't need to learn anything) who are declining, and supporting trump's bigotry. Why? Because they think their color trumps having real skills in a high tech global economy.

So its 'game over' for the GOP - a whole new generation are branding on the Democratic Party as the inclusive cool group vs. the mean nasty name callers who hate everyone. They have lost their way along with the dodo they are being branded as a racist Know Nothing Party out of the 1850's.

That kind of bigotry in diverse America needs to die. The moderate R's need to get back in control. I wrote about how our system is promoting the extreme in the primaries with gerrymandered districts that make it a one party election in my book "Better Times Ahead April Fool"...

I propose we either reform that process or you will get more nutters instead of the common sense people needed to make government work.

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