Sunday, August 7, 2016

Trump Reminds Me of My Last Boss From HELL – Created Chaos & Nothing Got Done

Donald Trump reminds me of my last “Boss from Hell” before I left the Fortune 500 for good.  I had worked in our group for over two years for another General Counsel, and all was smooth and professional.  Then he left and they picked a man from another group to take that spot. Suddenly chaos erupted.

Before I knew it, the new General Counsel had initiated a “war” with one of the divisions we did the legal work for.  Suddenly, every day he would pull me into his office and spend an hour or more telling me how “stupid” the division president and officers were, Every day!  Since I was the only other attorney for the group he was wasting my time.

Trump seems to have the same playbook. Every day he finds someone he has to insult, then wastes everyone’s time listening to him bloviate how “smart” he is and how “stupid” they are, repeat ad nauseum.  Work was delayed and nothing good came out of it; only bad feelings. NOTHING got done as a result.  Our system would become even more dysfunctional, if that's possible.

If Trump were elected, I’d expect the same chaos that would kill our country as we spent day after day listening to Herr Trump stir up another enemy to denounce (like a fellow Republican) while saying “I have such good words, my words are the best words” and other total gibberish that sounds like a student writing a paper for a course in which he never bothered to read the book.

For example: When asked by GOP Senators if he supported Article 1 of the Constitution, the would-be president promptly said “yes” but, like the bullshitting student, promptly added, “I also support Article 9 and 12!”  Oops. If he had read the Constitution, he would know that there are only 7 – not 9 or 12 – articles!  He runs for president without bothering to know anything.

In my workplace things got so bad that finally our Group President called in my boss and said “Knock it off!”  But who can tell a U.S. president acting like that to: “Knock it off?”  Only the public can by NOT electing someone who declared in an interview that “Putin would never go into Ukraine” and when informed by the journalist that Russia had been in the Ukraine for two years, Trump tries to cover his ignorance by blurting more gibberish of the know nothing student: “I haven’t been there; it’s a mess…yada, yada, yada.” Spare us from stupid!

How can having a president this ignorant help America succeed?  Having an email mistake with classified information in this day and age is not on the same dangerous level as a candidate openly encouraging Putin to take over Eastern Europe and condoning the spread of nuclear weapons and backing off our allies in NATO!

We don’t need a Putin patsy in the White House.  I know 12-year-olds more qualified to be president than this “Boss from Hell” who is totally ignorant of the Constitution and has a dangerous personality defect, low-life gutter mouth and total lack of decency that he willingly attacked a former POW and a Muslim Gold Star family while claiming he “sacrificed” by dodging the draft and avoiding a venereal disease (he said it, I didn’t make it up.)

 I spent my career promoting American-made products globally. Trump is promising jobs yet had his products made in 12 countries overseas – creating jobs overseas, not here, while ripping people off from small businesses in the U.S. who supplied his casinos. I admit his talent of bankrupting casinos, where the deck is stacked in favor of the house, is a nearly impossible feat!

America is better than this. Don’t elect the “Boss from hell” who has publicly said how much he admires ruthless dictators, including Saddam, Putin and North Korea’s Kim Jung Un – Trump was so impressed that Kim would kill his own uncle to establish his authority.

We don’t need the narcissist sickness Trump would bring to the presidency.

Michael Fjetland
Author, Better Times Ahead April Fool


  1. Trump is an international embarrassment.

  2. I don't think even those who expected the worst from Donald Trump thought how "worse" it would be. Trump is a one man wrecking crew & is destroying our democracy. If we don't throw his tired ass out of the White House on Nov. 3, 2020, our whole country is doomed.


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