Monday, August 15, 2016

What would you think if it was Obama who did THIS?

I ask this:

What would you think if it was Obama who:

  •         ran for president with his 3rd wife, who had posed nude?

  • ·       had founded a university under his name that was now being sued for FRAUD?

  • ·       bankrupted several companies after walking away with millions, and not paying small businesses who supplied his projects?

  • ·      imitated a disable person in a mocking way and insulted women, calling them “fat pigs” and saying an entire group were “rapists” and “some were good people”?

  • ·       had said he didn’t respect military who were captured?

  • ·       said he supported “article 9 and 12” of the Constitution, then you found out there are only 7 articles in it?

  • ·       walked around calling people names, like “Lying Ted” and banned the press from his events?

  • ·       at a rally encouraged people to beat up protests and offered to pay for their legal expenses if they hurt someone?

  • ·       didn’t reveal his taxes?

  • ·       said that “we don’t need NATO and our allies” and encouraged the spread of nuclear weapons to places like Japan and Saudi Arabia?

THEN WHY would you support Donald Trump , who has done all of these things?

You really think a guy who inherited wealth and whose tax plan helps only the 1% like him really cares about YOU since he is going to trial on fraud charges Nov. 28 and tried to have an old lady evicted from her land next to his casino because he wanted it for a limo parking lot?

If so, then I have a special deal for you on a bridge in Brooklyn! Just send in your cc# now because a brain is a terrible thing to waste. Don’t leave home without it on Nov. 8.

Pass it on.

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