Wednesday, August 17, 2016

if you are worried about your job, or have lost a job...How to Handle Unexpected Change is the point of "Better Times Ahead April Fool" -

I just got a blistering criticism on private message on Facebook about my book. The person, who has been highly successful, thought I whined too much and focused on my career implosion and on and on.

The point I was trying to make when I described all the disasters that I encountered was not to bitch. The point was the discovery I made that we have to keep RE-INVENTING OURSELVES when things don't work out. All the time.

Yes, I whined because it was written when I was like those folks in Louisiana, all washed up on a dry spot with nothing but my body and brain to my name. Like you, I've been cheated and lied to.

But my point wasn't that, it was about getting past it, not being trapped in negative feelings or by negative people. I wanted to show if I could survive the crap I went through (including a trip to Syria for a Texas mom), then maybe people today going through hard times would realize it could be worse - and its survivable. It can lead to remarkable new things.

Partnerships don't always last. Jobs don't last. Marriages don't work out. It does close a chapter. But then you have to open a new one and it won't be the same, look the same. If I was still a farmer in Iowa, I would truly have failed to see a much bigger world.

I went literally from living on a farm to flying the world (even twice on the supersonic Concorde) in a 10 year span, to getting laid off like people are today, and losing it all, like people are today (Louisiana being but one example).

In the end, if you are still alive, losing THINGS doesn't matter. What you do to turn it around does.

The book says it. I finally realized I could not wait on someone giving me a job. I had to create one. And not just one. In my late 50's I founded a company that was asked this year to help NASA, as it helps ordinary people. It didn't just happen.

So, if you are worried about your job, or have lost a job, that's the point of "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - Things go up and down, but you re-invent. Learn from it. And keep going! Get new training, start a new business. Find a better job. Move to a new city that needs your skills.

We have to do the same thing as a country as well. Change is a constant in life...That is another discovery I made in my global Alice in Wonderland experiences....


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