Sunday, September 8, 2013

I Predicted 9/11 and Opposed the Iraq War on TV as Analyst - My Take on Syria

After 9/11 when I was doing terrorism analysis on TV, we didn't have social media. I was able to focus on a topic before making an appearance.
Michael Fjetland, Damascus, Syria - You got one?

Things have changed in the era of Facebook, Instagram, etc.  I am finding that Social Media can not only help one discover facts, it can also pass a lot of voodoo around as gospel.  I had to absent myself from it today to do what most Americans are NOT doing - Researching it in detail.

Even experts do research - we don't get our information from bathroom walls or opinionated radio talk show hosts whose global experience consists of looking at a map or being a tourist. None of them have expertise regarding the Middle East. They haven't seen on the ground what I have over there, in person, over three decades.

Valuable analysis is based on experience and real facts, not the blind leading the blind. It no longer amazes me to hear someone--even in my family, by people with a high school education who have never traveled outside their home state --say that their non-experience in 50 countries means more than my 30 years in those 50 countries!

So that means that they are  as good of a brain surgeon as someone who has actually done it over 30 years, right? LOL.Arrogant ignorance is America's worst enemy.

We won't win the 21st century by having inflated opinions of ourselves and making global decisions --like involvement in Syria--based on guesses by people who have never been there. Syria is not Iraq. It is part of a regional mess that America has a huge WMD stake in.

Watch "Charlie Wilson's War" on Netflix and you'll see what happens at the very end that leads to 9/11.  To avoid that Americans needs to read "Better Times Ahead April Fool" - the chapter on Syria and the last chapter about how to win the 21st century

However, good news. I have a solution no one else has raised. I will reveal it tomorrow on Houston Fox 26 when I make an appearance between 7 and 7:30 a.m.

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