Monday, September 2, 2013

What I Saw in Syria Americans Should Know Before Congress Votes...

Folks unless you have been to Syria I suggest you actually READ what someone who has been there says--for facts!

Otherwise you are just opining based on your political view instead of actual knowledge. Peoples lives are on the line here so guessing won't cut it.

For example I went to Norway for the first time in 2011. Read up on it. Had been in nearly 50 countries already. When I got there I realized that I really didnt know anything about norway! Nothing despite decades of global experiences in other countries. A week later I was vastly better informed.

I am sure there are other writers who have been to SYRIA. I recommend u read them also. We have a big decision ahead.

My view of Syria was when I went to Damascus on a child kidnapping case....until u go yourself I suggest u do research from those who have been there. Syria is not iraq and obama is not a trigger happy cowboy...Assad is vicious. This photo of me was taken at the Great Mosque in Damascus, Syria on that mission. 

"Better Times Ahead April Fool"

It will also show you in photos I took over 30 years how far China and India have come and where they are leading us in technology. 

The book's final chapter is about how Americans win the 21st century space-global high tech economy - with nuclear neighborhoods in the chapter "Agenda for American Greateness." 

That includes what we should do about NASA's future and private space flight. 

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