Monday, September 9, 2013

Potential Syria SOLUTION - From Kerry's Lips to Russian Ears

It may have been "a slip of the tongue" by Secretary Kerry but the Russians jumped at it, seeing their dynasty in Syria about to go down the drain. Syria is a HUGE weapons market for Russia - and Russia likes what little Syrian oil they export.

 This photo I took is of "Maloula" which news reports today said is under attack. The photo below is me at the present day "back door" of a Christian church I visited in Maloula - it harkens back to when the first Christians had a secret door to their church. If Syria goes down, those days could return. Stay tuned.
This "slip of the tongue" and offer by Russia offers a potential way to avoid military action in Syria - IF its a real offer by the Russians and Mr. Assad really does turn over his chemical weapons to the international inspectors. 

Strange as it may seem, we could be stumbling to a first step in avoiding what needs to be a military strike for the illegal use of chemical weapons on his own people by Mr. Assad. When I can find the news clip I made on Houston Fox 26 today, I will link it.

In the meantime, stay tuned.  The situation is changing daily if not hourly. As I said today, it is a mess either way, but if we can get rid of weapons banned for the last 100 years, that would be a good start. Syria has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world. It has the WMD's that didn't exist in Iraq. Unless we eliminate them, they remain an enticing prize for extremists streaming into Syria from Iraq.

 If you want to see what I saw in the streets of Damascus,  streets that recently experienced nerve gas, its in a chapter in my ebook "Better Times Ahead April Fool"...with photos I took then versus photos of what it looks like today...

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