Thursday, September 12, 2013

Texas freshman Senator Cruz SHOULD move to Russia. He just sounded like Putin

So how many of you are now ready to move to RUSSIA now that Putin says the President is all wet for thinking Americans are exceptional? (Ask the Pussy Riot band that sit in jail for criticizing the gov't in their songs. Ask the oligarchs who Putin told to stay out of politics (meaning, supporting someone other than Putin) or they would be sitting in jail.

Putin, who sold Syria the chemical weapons technology that let Assad accumulate the largest stockpile in the world, says "it was the rebels who set off the gas." Never mind that would mean that all the strikes in rebel territory they were attempting to commit suicide - probably after seeing Putin's shirtless photos.

So are you ready to move to Russia?   NOT ME...But i am so steamed up by his letter in the NYT that I'm challenging Putin to an arm wrestling match. Hey, you can't mess with American Vikings Vladamir!
P.S. Texas freshman Senator Cruz SHOULD move to Russia. He just sounded like Putin (who discriminates against gays) and said that our entire Senate should be made up of people exactly like a Jesse Helms, who discriminated against blacks, defended segregation and treated people unequally and unfairly nearly his entire career.  How is Jesse Helms hate a role model for an American Senate that should represent all Americans equally and without bias and prejudice? 

Too bad it is Sen. Cornyn up for re-election in 2014 instead of Mr. Cruz, who should be replaced if not recalled.

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