Sunday, September 15, 2013

How an American Church Bombing is Like Syria and Mideast Today

How an American Church Bombing is Like Syria and Mideast Today

50 years ago today, four little black girls attending church were blown to bits by a bomb – planted by a white man who hated people who were a different color from him.

Today in Syria, and Iraq, and in countries across the Middle East – little girls are being blown up (and gassed) by men who hate people of a different sect of the same religion.  Gee, that's like Catholics fighting Protestants, right? How stupid right? Well tell that to the IRA in Northern Ireland that blew up Protestants - we have done the same.

These events may seem different, but they are really the same. They represent the same intolerance. They represent the same murder of innocents. They represent the same hate and ignorance.

I have news for bigots of all nations and colors – get over it. We are a world of different people. Better get used to it! The world is full of people of many colors and many religions. Tough.

Chill out and knock off gassing babies in Syria.  

 As for our Congress, stop denying our kids pre-K and healthcare in the United States. Conservatives are killing with bullets in the Middle East. In the  U.S. conservatives may not use bullets, but its just as deadly - they deny food stamps and healthcare to the poor. What’s the difference between killing people fast …or slow?

If it had not been for President Obama’s guts to threaten a strike on Syria, Syria would not be offering to sign the chemical treaty – at the point of a gun by Putin who saw his big military sales going down the tube. It’s a shotgun wedding that removes the largest stockpiles of chemical weapons in the world from our world. What’s wrong with that?

My view of Syria can be seen with photos I took there in “Better Times Ahead April Fool”

And since we are losing in the global economy, check out and pass on “Agenda for American Greatness” the final chapter. Pass it On! "Follow" for updates...

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