Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dear Congressman - I have been to Syria. You Should Support the President..

I just sent this email to my Congressman, Steve Stockman, TX CD36 who is NOT supporting the President on Syria (or in generating JOBS for America, but that's another topic for another day).

Congressman Stockman:
I live in your district. Unlike yourself and most other people in our district, I have been to Syria. You should be supporting the President. You have no idea.

I predicted 9/11 on TV during the first Gulf War-- as an expert for a Houston TV station.

I served again as their terrorism expert on 9 11 and for two years after (proof is on YouTube under my name).

Assad's largest stockpile of chemical weapons could end up on Texas (or New York, etc) streets if you fail to do the right thing.

Unless you have been in the Middle East you have no idea...Have you walked the streets of Damascus like I have? On a child kidnapping case? Have you been in the Christian church in Maloula outside Damascus? I have.

Congressman, my book spells it out if you have any interest in knowing how the world works outside of District 36 -- especially in Syria. I have no illusions.

I heard that you were living in a car when elected. This book should interest you in that case. I saw what cars were like in nearly 50 countries ...

P.S. This is the link to my video analysis of the Syria situation, in case you missed it."

I am NOT expecting an answer...LOL

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