Monday, March 14, 2011

A Brewing Nuclear Meltdown in Japan – Political One in the Mideast.

A Brewing Nuclear Meltdown in Japan – Political One in the Mideast.

14 March 2011

Global American Series

Special Edition – Japan Tsunami and Nuclear Meltdown/Global Impact

We seem to be on the edge of two meltdowns – on two different continents at the same time. We can’t afford to take our eye off of either. Both of them will have a major impact on our future.

I was in Tokyo as a Fortune 500 negotiator. It’s cold as hell over there right now; people have no shelter, blankets, and little food and water. They need our help as much as the almost-forgotten Libyan rebels fighting for their lives against the dictator Gaddafi who killed Americans and people from 20 countries on Pan Am 103.

While Gaddafi is murdering his people, our attention has rightfully focused on the videos of a killer Tsunami not even matched by Hollywood horror movie standards – a huge wall of death, cars bobbing like so many toys, boats and buses left stranded on the top of buildings. Beautiful towns and farmland were buried in an instant in an ugly wall of death and debris.

Friday’s record-setting earthquake in Japan had been planned for in building its nuclear plants. A record-setting Tsunami was not planned for. It knocked out the back-up generators. They are using seawater as a last resort but even most of those pumps have been knocked out. We are facing a real nuclear meltdown scenario which could give us a real-time version of the “China Syndrome” or Three Mile Island, or even a Chernobyl. We don’t know yet. But it appears they may have lost control of several reactors. If they emit radiation, the U.S. lies downwind of the prevailing jet stream.

This is why America needs Presidents who can multi-task on a global scale. Both the Middle East and Asia’s Japan are going through a meltdown – one political, one nuclear. Do you want as our next President someone who has never been in either place, and therefore clueless, making the call? Seeing it unfold from Alaska, or relying on Fox or CNN won’t cut it either.

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A potential nuclear meltdown is a 21st Century hazard. So it the Mideast meltdown of dictators and rusty monarchies.

Michael Fjetland

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