Friday, March 18, 2011

Facing Their “Alamo” - Milestone UN Vote, Justice for PA 103

18 March 2011

Global American Series SPECIAL

Facing Their “Alamo” - a Milestone UN Vote on Libya

And Justice for Pan Am 103

St. Patrick's Day proved to be a milestone of global cooperation not seen since the first Gulf War in 1991, lead by George HW Bush, who was able to enlist Arab countries along with a majority of the world in the first war against Iraq’s Saddam Hussein, who had invaded Kuwait. (This did not happen in the 2003 Iraq war, which had only Britain and 5% of world governments supporting U.S. unilateral action).

Now it is Libya, where we just got a 10-0 global vote to stop a terrorist named Gadhafi who bombed an American airliner (Pan Am 103) – to prevent him from killing tens of thousands of his own people. The rebels were facing their own "Alamo" when the vote occurred. It doesn't get much closer than that.

Now the Libyan rebels (let’s call them the true Libyan Patriots) have a chance to have their "Battle of San Jacinto" like Texas did to win its independence from Mexico in 1836. Another parallel: the French enabling the American Revolution to succeed.

The French have actually led this effort to stop Gadhafi's brutal onslaught, along with Britain. The momentum didn't build until they were finally joined by our own U.S. government, which was tardy to the party. But in the end they did the right thing.

The GOOD News is that it is not just us Americans "using all necessary means" (short of ground troops) to stop Gadhafi from continuing to murder his own people (using mainly his highly paid mercenaries and Saddam-like sons). Now the rebels have a chance to avoid their “Alamo” moment. Benghazi is a city of 1 million residents who hate Gadhafi. His limited numbers of troops are no match for them. But his battle tanks, rockets and aircraft did make it impossible for the city to avoid destruction or the rebels to win.

FINALLY, there is some justice, not just for the Libyan people, but for the victims of Pan Am 103 (one of Gadhafi's own ministers, who defected when the revolution started, said he - Gadhafi- gave the order to do the PA 103 bombing). They say at least 145 of the 200+ on board were still alive when it hit the ground at Lockerbie, Scotland.

The Arab League vote in favor was key. And having the UN back the action 10-0 makes this a global, united front, not just the U.S. or Britain doing it. Now Gadhafi can't legitimately claim this is just colonial America at work.

It was a GREAT way to end St. Patrick's day. Of the 5 countries abstaining in the 10-0 UN vote, I was not surprised by China and Russia -- but I was surprised INDIA, the largest democracy in the world, did not join with the 10. Why?).

NOW we have to finish the job. Gadhafi has to GO even if we need to blow up every one of his tanks, missile systems and aircraft.

The Libyans rebels just wanted a voice in their government and freedom from being killed or tortured simply for the slightest criticism of Gadhafi. People having coffee and overheard talking about their 'leader' would often disappear and never return. It was like Stalin in action.

Libyans now have a Council of Government in Benghazi. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has met their leaders. Let's help them develop a true democracy as soon as the PA 103 murderer is driven out of Libya, into either International Criminal Court or a cemetery.

Justice is overdue. Let the international force air strikes begin...

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Michael Fjetland

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