Thursday, March 10, 2011

Libya, $100 Oil, Muslim Hearings, Int’l Women & Fixing Mexico

Global American Series

Libya, $100 Oil, Muslim Hearings, Int’l Women & Fixing Mexico

This week on Global American radio we cover the hot topics of the week that impact Americans: the Libyan killing fields, $100 oil and the future of gas costs, the DC hearing on Muslim radicalization, what happened to women on International Women’s Day, and the Mexico mess – and how to fix it.

Yep, we know attention spans are short so we crammed it all into an hour program, starting Saturday at 9 am Central time, on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and podcast 24/7 on

Segment 1: Will the people of Libya lose their battle against Col. Gaddafi, the man who murdered Americans on Pan AM 103 and is now using mercenaries to murder his own people? Former Ambassador Ryan Crocker, who is now with the Bush School of Government at Texas A&M has a sobering assessment of their chances. I still vote for a Hellfire on Gaddafi’s head and its OVER.

On gas costs, “The days of cheap oil are over,” says Nexen CEO Marvin Romanow. Is $100 the new price for gas? Are gas prices higher, lower or about the same as in years past, when inflation is factored in? How much does gas cost now compared to decades past? (You’ll be surprised by the answer). You’ll also be surprised to find out how our current prices compare with a gallon of gas sold in China and Europe.

Find out why China is deadly afraid of what is happening in the Middle East – so much so that a rabbit cartoon was banned from their Internet. Could they be next? Saudi?

In Segment 2, we cover the Washington DC hearing on the “radicalization of Muslims in America.” Is this an education or a witch hunt? Is Chairman Peter King objective when he says that the Irish Republican Army (IRA) was NOT a terrorist organization (despite its numerous car bombs and shooting Protestant civilians and the British.) Are Catholic terrorists OK but Muslims are not? How many Muslim attacks have there been in the U.S., considering 2.5 MILLION Muslims live in the U.S.? And how many terror attacks were discovered with Muslim help? What other groups pose a threat inside America? Why were law enforcement groups not invited to the hearing? We give you the FACTS.

In Segment 3, we hit on (yes, a bad pun) “International Women’s Day” which occurred this week--and find out who assaulted the Egyptian women, and why, when they tried to celebrate it? And why were the female protesters shot by the latest Presidential loser in West Africa who has refused to give up power? Women are now a majority on U.S. college campuses – what has happened to the men?

And finally in Segment 4, we look at the Mexico border security issues and what set off the cartel killings, the parallel with the Chicago gangster era during prohibition – and how we can fix it.

Closing Question: What is a Global American? It’s any American who listens to Global American radio to get ‘the big picuture’ on world events that directly impact us, and potential solutions.

Global American radio, making Americans smarter globally.

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Michael Fjetland

Global American Series

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