Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Mr. President, this will be your Rwanda if you don't ACT NOW

Mr. President, ACT on Libya BEFORE THE REBELS ARE CRUSHED BY Gadafi, the GUY WHO MURDERED AMERICANS on PAN AM 103, then he snookered the Bush admin that he was "clean" --even engineering the release of the bomber from UK jail!

Mr. President, he's about to snooker YOU --IF you let it happen. The only thing worse than being too reckless is to be too cautious, especially when dealing with a proven snake who is murdering his own people.

This Saturday GA radio is all about Libyan's fight for freedom from someone who is crazier than, and deadlier than, Charlie Sheen...A "NO FLY" is a minimum.

Mr. President, this will be your Rwanda (Clinton still regrets it) if you don't ACT NOW, not tomorrow or the day after. People are dying and the tide is turning.

Time for thinking is over..Gadafi's aircraft are thumbing their noses at our fleet sitting offshore.

For more info on what this means to our future Tune in Saturday at 9 am on Business 1110 AM Global American Radio...www.GlobalAmerican.org

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