Thursday, March 3, 2011

Ten Ways Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi Are Alike

Ten Ways Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi Are Alike

Or “America Sleeps While World Burns”

As millions of people battled for their freedom in Libya, Yemen, etc., Americans have spent the week glued to their TV set on TV show after TV show – watching Charlie Sheen obsess on himself. Have we lost our sense of priorities? Have Americans gone into a trance while the Middle East burns – and yearns for FREEDOM and DEMOCRACY?

So this week on Global American radio I decided to link the two events with “Ten Ways Charlie Sheen and Gaddafi Are Alike.” My thinking, probably in vain, is that people might pay actually attention to it since so many of us seem to have attention deficit disorder and are no longer paying much attention to a nation struggling to free itself from a dictator who killed Americans, etc. in Pan Am 103. I was surprised that there were that many common characteristics to talk about. (If Mr. Sheen would like to dispute my findings, he’s welcome to come on the program and complain, but only if we can talk about something other than himself and how rough it is to make only $2 million an episode.)

After Charlie and Gaddafi, we move on to “America’s Burger Flipping Future in a Space-age Global Economy” i.e. how America is “eating its seed corn” by disinvesting in education and the implications of those cuts on our future leadership in the global economy.

In segment three we focus on the Texas legislature’s “Emergency” legislature that was first out of the chute: requiring a woman to view sonograms prior to an abortion, while the State is cutting pre-K and child healthcare, laying off thousands of teachers and refusing to dip into its’ “Rainy Day” fund when the State is facing a $20-30 billion shortfall. I propose an amendment to that bill…

In segment four we look at how the Texas legislature, which only meets once every two years, in the last session failed to pass energy efficiency legislation that had strong bipartisan support. In the face of $100 barrel oil, will the State leaders once again do the same thing with energy efficiency bills during this session? Where are our leader’s priorities in preparing us for the future?

You won’t find these issues discussed on other radio programs – certainly not in the same way, so tune in Saturday to Global American radio Saturday March 5 at 9 am Central time, on Business 1110 AM, streamed on and podcast 24/7 under ‘Favorite Programs’ on

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