Monday, March 7, 2011

Traffic Changes 1982 to 2010 - China for example

To see Americans how much things have changed in the world the last three decades that impacts our future, my book will also include some telling photos -

Here are three - (1) one of me in Beijing in 1982 (much younger but proof I was there)...

and (2) a photo I took of Beijing traffic then (notice the empty streets) - versus

(3) photo of jammed Beijing Traffic in 2010! Looks like a New York/LA nightmare, right?

I also have a similar set of photos from past trips for India.

Want to know why gas is over $3 and could go ever higher regardless of "Drill Baby Drill"?

I'll give you 2 billion reasons why in the book, Better Times Ahead: April Fool.

Charlie Sheen never did this! LOL. Publication date to be announced soon.

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