Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Remember Egypt? They overthrew a 30 year dictator. TODAY they just got rid of the secret police! Trials and due process are on the rise in Egypt!

Too bad it is being crushed in next door Libya.

And in the U.S., we have idiots who have joked about Japan's Tsunami (think AFLAC). What kind of moron(s) would make a joke out of thousands of people drowning? How shallow can you be?

And then their was girl in the university library who complained about Japanese students calling home to see if their family was safe from the Tsunami - another shallow, clueless jerk. Never mind their families could have been swallowed by a Tsunami or in a shelter with temperatures falling below freezing at night, or living anywhere near a failing nuclear plant. If that is American, then we have been a shallow shadow of our forefathers and fathers.

Then we have murderer Gaddafi, thumbing his nose at the world - I thought we sent missiles on the heads of terrorists - ones who bombed Pan Am 103 especially...

But no, our leaders have become empty shells who talk endlessly with great words followed by zero action. We pass three week bills instead of doing great actions after our wealth was dissipated in the past decade. It is as filling as eating air.

Now there is the real prospect of a near Chernobyl situation in Japan. Where are the Americans? Where are our donations and assistance? We gave more to Haiti.

Are we going to be dynamic, or just empty air - focused on ourselves, our basketball games and the next meal, complaining about wailing students who have lost relatives in a natural disaster?

Americans deserve to be a great nation and a great people but we have to act like it to be it.

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