Tuesday, March 18, 2014

It is quite possible that there was a fight to the death in the cockpit of Malaysia Flight 370 right after time the transponder was switched off. The changes in attitude (if true) could indicate a battle for control of the cockpit. And the motive could have been a political statement.

Here is what we have for a motive:  We have a senior pilot who supported the opposition leader and even attended a court hearing for him a few hours before the flight. The opposition leader has been framed on a gay sex charge by the Malaysian government. The one-party government raises the same sex charge each election to keep the opposition from gaining power. When the election is over they drop the charge.

The government has been in power for over 40 years and will do anything to stay in power.  On the day of the flight, the court had just re-instated the sex charge.

So, the pilot Shah got into Flight 370 after seeing another injustice by a monopoly government that hires cronies instead of picking people based on talent to run things (as we have seen in this investigation.)  The airline is owned by the government, so a blow against it could involve hijacking, and more.

A pilot programmed the computer to change course automatically. Did the co-pilot notice that?  Or did the co-pilot do it?  We have been told he was the one whose voice signed off just before the communications were switched off -- by one of the two. Did the other one know it?

How could someone leave the cockpit area and open a hatch in the galley, climb down and switch off the ACARS system -- all by himself?  How could that person not be challenged by the flight attendants? If the co-pilot was dead, could the pilot cover that up, leave the cockpit to go down a hatch to disable the ACARS system and go back inside the cockpit and secure the door? Difficult yes, and possible.

Why didn't any flight attendant make an emergency call when they realized the plane was not heading its normal direction? Was their communications cut also? If so, it points to a rogue pilot, or pilots. No one else would have the knowledge and skills to commandeer a giant complex aircraft with 239 people on board including a dozen crew members, cut off all communications systems and steer the plane to an unknown destination for an unknown purpose. It took knowledge and motivation.

I have been doing expert testimony as a terrorism analyst and international expert on TV since the 1991 Gulf War. I was on TV all day on 9/11 and made appearances several times a week for a couple years after 9/11.  On January 1, I was on TV again regarding the Sochi suicide bombing. I have been the negotiator in a child kidnapping case in Syria and experienced an aircraft electrical failure of a plane I was flying -- before I was kidnapped briefly the same day after landing.

None of those experiences are as weird as this case.

The plane very well could be in one piece. It very well could be on the bottom of the Indian Ocean. Or it could turn up tomorrow as a flying bomb somewhere. Even Israel is now on the alert.

What if tomorrow night Malaysia Flight 370 came out of no where -- and hit the tallest building in Malaysia as a political statement? It's possible.

The pilot's simulator is reported to had on it several remote landing sites where the plane could have gone.  Could it have gone to one of them? If so, it could be somewhere else by now.  If it went to a remote site, the hijacker(s) would need help to continue the hijacking or the passengers would have the numerical advantage -- unless they were no longer alive. Did they have help on the ground?

Monopoly power and injustice is a big problem in Malaysia and many countries like it. Imagine an American elections in which you could only vote for Republicans only -- and every time the leading Democrat candidate tried to run they would file a charge of sodomy against him so he was then ineligible to run. This is what is going on today in Malaysia. As soon as the one-party wins the elections, the charges against the opposition leader are dropped - until the next election.

That frustration usually leads to explosive public blow-back at some point.

 You don't turn off the transponder just to dunk an airplane into the ocean.  What good does that do? And not claiming credit for the disaster? When does that happen? 

Nothing about this case makes sense.
There aren't many places where u can hide an elephant the size of a 777.  I just can't help but feel that  this was the act of one of the pilots, probably the older one. He may have had help from the co-pilot, or killed him.

I have predicted things like 9/11. But this one is still a odd puzzle...unless my theory above is right since it is the only motive I can see. If the hijacker wanted to show the world how corrupt and inept the Malaysian government is, he has accomplished his goal.

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