Sunday, March 16, 2014

Was Malaysia Flight 370 Hijacked by a Rogue Pilot on a Political Mission?

While it is now clear that the Malaysian flight 370 was hijacked by someone, the question remains WHO did it and WHY? The Malaysians now say it was a hijacking. Since the person knew how to turn off the Boeing 777's communications systems--at the same time it made an unauthorized turn-- it had to be a pilot or someone with training in that type aircraft.

There is now speculation that the senior pilot may have had a political agenda. Malaysia has had one-party rule for decades. It is a corrupt system without a free press that does not allow the most talented to rise. Apparently the pilot was a supporter of the opposition leader and may have attended a court hearing related to him just hours before the flight per this article.  It shows the pilot wearing a T-shirt saying "Democracy is Dead" (assuming it is not Photoshopped.) 

But then, it is also possible that the Malaysian government is claiming it was a political act in order to keep itself in power.

The fact that the jet had steep changes in its flight attitude, climbing then descending after cutting off communications, could indicate that there was a struggle in the cockpit between the two pilots.

But key questions remain: If it was a hijacking by a pilot and the plane flew on for several hours, where was it going and for what purpose? If the pilot meant to crash the plane why would he bother flying on for several hours instead of crashing it immediately - unless it was meant not to be found?

If it wasn't meant to be found, then what is the purpose of taking over the plane if no one knows why? Since when does a person make a political "statement" by saying nothing?

Stay tuned and "follow" for updates. This is the strangest aircraft disappearance in modern history. Very little so far makes any sense.

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  1. I asked a pilot friend, "Where would a hijacker find a place to land
    a plane that big if that was their goal?" He reminded me that during the Viet Nam war era, the US build air bases all over SE Asia with runways long enough to land big transport planes.


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