Thursday, March 27, 2014

Oso, Washington.
This has to be horrible for the families, knowing their loved ones are buried under mud that is 4 stories tall in places. Some may never be found. Some people were heard yelling the first day, then became quiet. Terrible way to die.

I'd prefer to be lost at sea like those on FLT 370. But who would want to be riding in the back of a 777 and look down and see nothing but Ocean racing up to meet the plane...? It would be a quick end even if it were a controlled landing. It's been 21 days, far past anyone's ability to survive without food and fresh water if they did survive the landing.

Let's hope both groups of families get closure soon. If they find even one piece of MH370 in the Ocean we will at least have confirmed the general area it went down.
But how could it have gotten so far off course without a rogue pilot or hijacker? It was no accident. It took at least two different turns to end up that far south...

In the meantime I am glad I only have to worry about hurricanes. They are slow enough and you can see them coming...unlike tornadoes in the night or a known mudslide hazard that caught everyone by surprise.

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