Friday, March 28, 2014

Obamacare Just Saved Me Thousands....only 3 days left to sign up!

Last year I had to spend over $10,000 on dental care out of pocket. That was a big hit.

Then I recently found out that the ACA (the so called "Obamacare" that strikes fear on the hearts of people who have no clue what it does) has "Dental only" plans as well as health plans. Some of the dental plans are for as little as $10 a month! Yikes!

Today I discovered that instead of paying over $625 a month as I have been for a health insurance policy for just myself (with a $10,000 deductible), I can get a silver policy that has a $3,000 deductible for $394 a month! That is HUGE.

As an entrepreneur I was not in a pool and dental and health insurance rates were too high before Obamacare changed things for the better for us little guys. The ACA has made it possible for the State Bar of Texas to offer us a pool plan as attorneys (which I still am). the bar tried 7 times before the ACA to set up a pool for attorneys in Texas, but could never do it until Obamacare took effect.

I am in a pool of 1 and have HAD to pay over $625 a month, with a $10,000 deductible! However, a friend of mine works for the state. For a family of 5, she pays only $200 a month for health insurance! Obamacare basically lets people like me go into a state pool for a lower rate--just like state employees. It makes total sense and helps the entrepreneurs and small guys.

BTW, a conservative mother I was talking to over the weekend didn't even know that she can keep her kids on their insurance until they are 26 as a result of Obamacare - and her daughter is in college!

IT IS Amazing what facts people don't know if they only listen to conservative media. I read over 20 news sources - worldwide - every day.

You cannot lead a world you know nothing about. 
The other civilized countries already provide healthcare to their citizens!

Thank you President Obama! Obama cares.

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