Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Obama's Speech to Young Europeans and Americans - Exactly CORRECT. Watch it

President Obama just summed up to Americans and Europeans what is at stake with Russia. It is WORLD FREEDOM.  Our freedom. Everyone's Freedom.

Like it or not, what Putin just did in the Crimea is a step back to the dark ages of large nations doing violent land grabs -- versus international law and democracy. What Putin did in Crimea would be the United States invading Canada and annexing it "because of the people there who speak English need protection" from America. We don't do stuff like that.

Russia just did. Putin has talked about doing the same takeover in other countries which have people who speak Russian. Think 1938 and the Nazis. This is the first time since the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 that is has annexed part of a sovereign country that had been given its independence by the Soviet Union.

Today Obama stated truth, including our own warts -- such as Bush's unwarranted invasion of Iraq. He said that even when America stumbled under Bush and invaded Iraq we did NOT annex it. We left it to Iraqi's to government themselves. He said that our future is to stand together as free democratic countries on the side of FREEDOM and self determination and mutual respect of all countries.

Look at this map. You can see gas pipelines running from Russia through the Ukraine - to Europe. AMerica could send its LNG gas to Europe while Europe triples its investment in renewable energy - solar and wind--to become energy independent from Russia. That would be good for democracy and America...

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