Saturday, January 10, 2015

Do We Blame All Whites When a White Kid Kills 26 in a School? Most mass shootersin the U.S. are White, so why Blame ALL Muslims?

I hear too many Americans etc say negative things about ALL Muslims. They never say that about ALL Whites when whites go on killing sprees. Do we blame all whites when it turns out that almost ALL of our mass shootings in the U.S. have been by WHITE guys?  

Then why blame ALL Muslims for the acts of the few?  According to this Huff Post article we have had 20 mass shootings by whites during the Obama Presidency. More Americans have been killed by Americans than by terrorist attacks here and France combined.

Even big conservative Republican and former majority leader Tom DeLay went to Muslim meetings to meet average Muslim people and have a political debate.  I know because I was there as one of the debaters. What's happened?

When a white kid shot up a school of little kids, killing 26, did white Americans write editorials and Facebook posts saying "I can't tell a good white kid from a bad one so I will stay away from all of them!?"  

The answer is easy regardless of color or religion. The ones showing up with AK-47's are the bad guys. The other 1.2 billion (Muslims) are OK, just like the vast majority of whites, Hispanics, Blacks etc are OK. 

No one possesses a weapon of mass destruction for hunting anything other than humans on a mass scale - like at Sandy Hook and Charlie Hebdo.

Did they blame all white people for shooting sprees even though white guys have done most of our mass killings in schools, theaters and places not unlike the French storefronts? 

If it is proved that the bombing at the NAACP building was done by white men that ALL whites are racist?

No. Then why blame ALL Muslims for the acts of a few? Who says that American acts of terrorism by whites are any less deadly or common than the shootings in France?

I met a lot of Muslims in the USA and around the world....I describe those global encounters in distant places and that Muslim debate with Tom DeLay in the chapter "Predicting 911 and Running Against the Hammer."


But the key chapter is the last one. "Agenda for American Greatness" - how America becomes No. 1 again.  It's updated and available FREE at the above link.

President Obama's proposal for free tuition for poor kids who want to go to junior college is a big step in that direction. "Agenda" describes the other things we must do to jump back into the global lead --and why voodoo economics threatens to sabotage our own county!

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