Sunday, January 4, 2015

Keystone Pipeline is NOT a Job Creator - Suckers Deal Since we get Nothing from it

Senate Democrats believe that they have the votes to sustain a VETO over the Keystone pipeline.  GOOD! Sustain that Veto! We know the GOP thinks keystone is wonderful, but it is NOT a job creator. That is a myth.

The problem with the KEYSTONE pipeline is the the USA gets NOTHING out of it --except the pollution from pipeline breaks. No money, no real jobs.

The oil is owned by Canadians -- and the product will NOT power American vehicles but will be exported to other countries. Where is any money or jobs for Americans in that?  A few temporary construction jobs (instead of putting those guys to work on replacing 70 year old bridges, roads, etc.).

At most we get15-20 measly permanet jobs of operators running a pipeline in exchange for oil contamination our taxpayers then have to pay for --KEYSTONE is a SUCKERS DEAL (I say that as a trained global negotiator for the Fortune 500, so I know).

No thanks. Veto that sucker!

Its also deadly for our future as a planet: strip mining tar sands is the worst of the dirty fossil fuels, generating the most planet killing carbon. It's an Ugly business vs no carbon wind and solar.

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