Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Drones Over the White House - Time to ACT

The drunk who flew a drone into the side of the White House at 3 a.m. did us a favor. He showed that (1) drinking and flying is a BAD idea and (2) the dangers of modern technology need to be addressed to protect the President. I say this as someone who was a terrorism adviser on 911.

While this man meant no harm the incident will give others ideas.  What if the next drone is packed with C4 military explosive? What if it is flown by either a (1) domestic or (2) foreign terrorist?  Do we really want to wait until there is a tragedy to act?

Instead of studying this issue to death the secret service needs to act!  The fence jumper a few months ago showed how inadequate White House security has become.  It is evident that changes need to be made NOW to protect the President. These include:

1)     Making the present fence higher, or better yet, adding a second fence with a ditch in between to make it very difficult for a fence jumper to get over it before security has had time to react.

2)     Add a “jamming device” that would incapacitate any drones flying near the White House. The technology already exists. Just do it!

3)     Make sure that the White House is not within the line of sight of anyone with a sniper rifle like that seen in “American Sniper.” It’s a fact that a sniper can make a shot from as far away as one mile!  Put obstacles wherever needed to force them to get within the area patrolled by security to attempt a shot.

4) Add more agents on the White House grounds, and surrounding areas.

Even the secret service has recommended adding four to five feet to the current fence. So why hasn’t it already been done?  I suspect there are thousands of contractors who could put it up in a few days.  However, once a single fence is scaled, its useless. Adding a second one changes the odds of a jumper getting past the fence and onto the grounds.

It’s time to quit studying things to death. It is time to act. It wasn’t until JFK was shot that Presidents stopped riding in open air vehicles.  Let’s make the changes now before it is too late – for either President Obama or future Presidents.

It's a new century with new threats and new technology. We need to make the changes necessary to deal with it...

If you agree, please pass this on to the White House.


  1. Very useful post. The protection of the president should be more improved and more technologically advanced.


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