Saturday, January 3, 2015

Fox News Complains Japanese Won't See UNBROKEN Torture - While They Praise American Torture

We have a problem with global censorship:

North Korea hated the moronic movie "The Interview" (can't blame them for not wanting to hear fart jokes while the people survive by eating grass).

Egypt hated "EXODUS" because it shows Hebrew slave labor...(like it didn't happen?) Egypt is also the country that has imprisoned journalists for over a year...for being journalists.

And Japan has refused UNBROKEN to be seen. This is too bad because each generation needs to learn the lessons of the young Japanese won't get to see how horrible Japan acted to POW's in WWII
(and that includes Americans watching "Selma" and our own warts).
Ironic:  In this article below FOX "News" complains that Japanese won't get to see Japanese torture, after they have praised Dick Cheney for American torture during Iraq! Now that is rich and ironic! lol.

So, the censorship issue includes our very own TV media....

Think about it.  Pass it on.


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