Wednesday, January 7, 2015

"Better Times Ahead April Fool" is a tale of how to survive in uncertain times like we are having now

This morning I wanted to check on things and beat the weather so i made a run to check on a big project in far west Houston so I could get back under cover before the ARCTIC BLAST hit (not that we are having anything my mom and relatives are in IOWA and friends in neighboring frostbitten states!)...

I have been seeing a LOT of the same Facebook content day after day. 

Frankly it is getting boring -- so i am doing something about it. Today i decided to confirm several friend requests to broaden my horizons. 

I avoid obvious trolls - and don't hesitate to dump them if they are trolls - you are a fool if you let a fool waste your time on FB.

Some of them weren't in English!! No problem! i use the google translator button. I did take both Chinese and Spanish at the same time but am not fluent. But I like connecting to different people from around the world - different culture, laws, everything. I got used to doing it and was quite good at it. It's all in the book.
You have to keep learning - even at 65 I am still learning and doing. NO WAY am I considering retiring. 

ANYTHING is possible. 

Assume nothing, educate yourself, don't fall for phony facts, moderation in all things, even moderation. Honor your word, work hard -- and chill out...! Neither all work nor all play is good for you.

Success=Doing ALL of the above. Oil is dropping. People will lose their jobs. Accidents will happen. REINVENTION is the key to succeeding and surviving. 

"Better Times Ahead April Fool" is a tale of how to survive in uncertain times like we are having now -- and how success requires you get out of your comfort zone (it's amazing how running out of money in Bangkok 7,000 miles from home concentrates the mind, or negotiating for a Texas child in the middle east) ! 

Do that over and over again in dozens of different countries and you become a totally different person with unique

Insights which led to the final chapter "Agenda for American Greatness" (FREE at the link) a road map to make America No. 1 again...

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