Friday, January 9, 2015

Paris Shooters Radicalized by Iraq torture photos - First PROOF of torture blowback

This is HUGE. Before they died, the two killers of the journalists at Charlie Hebdo gave statements to witnesses that they were radicalized when they were shown pictures of the torture victims at Abu Garib in Iraq.  Until then they were normal French kids.

For the first time we have direct PROOF that the Bush torture program has feed and is still feeding terror recruiters. This week it exploded into the worst terrorsim event in France in the last 50 years!

We now have absolute proof that crossing the ethical boundary into torture of Iraqi Muslims inflamed these young men to go to Yemen to learn how to commit mass murder on our streets. Today its France. Tomorrow it could be New York or anywhere. This incident could excite more sleeper cells. This is not over.

The two brothers were orphans from Algeria, living in a Paris housing project in a suburb with little chance for a job. Then they were taken in by a radical preacher  who showed them the torture photos in Iraq.  The third shooter who took hostages of a Kosher store in Paris had been in prison with one of them. His white French girlfriend somehow escaped, is a weapons expert, and is on the run. Tomorrow threats come in many colors.

THAT is what turned these innocent young men into killers --American torture sanctioned by the Bush administration.

Now we have to win hearts and minds and somehow overcome that fact that Bush/Cheney destroyed our moral high ground. Muslims attending Friday services in Paris were as outraged by the killings as we were.  

The terrorists have finally figured out they don't need a 911 scale attack to cause terror. They can do it simply with their NRA-guaranteed access to an AK 47 and 30 round clip. The attackers have assaulted Canada's version of our Capitol building. They have attacked Australia's chocolate shops, Jewish shops in Paris --just to name a few recent attacks. The Paris shooting was plotted for 3 years before they carried it out.

The list will grow until we get some solutions in place. Torture and isolating Muslims have been proven NOT to be a solution --quite the opposite.  Security experts say that it takes 12 people to do surveillance on one person.  Since there are 1.2 BILLION Muslims in our worldwide population of 7 billion, we would need another 5 billion to meet that standard! LOL. (If you didn't catch the irony in that I can't help you).  

There is a better way to go. Obviously that means we want to encourage the Muslim community to be involved and "If you see something, say something." 

America has been a model for integrating immigrants including Muslims into our mainstream. Stay tuned. Pass it on...

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