Friday, April 17, 2015

Does Israel Have the NEUTRON Bomb? What That Means regarding IRAN

From a knowledgeable source I have been advised that it is quite possible that ISRAEL has a bomb banned - a NEUTRON Bomb.

I confirmed this when I checked Wikipedia:
"By 1984, according to Mordechai Vanunu, Israel was mass-producing neutron bombs.[23] A number of analysts believe that the Vela incident was an Israeli neutron bomb experiment.[24]"  

My expert further says that even one Iran nuke would be useless. Two reasons:

(1) Israel has over 200 Nuclear warheads, including the NEUTRON bomb that kills people, not buildings - and has higher yields than standard nuclear warheads.  
(2)  It would take 4 nuclear hits to even take out one city like Jerusalem because of Israel's hills that deflect atomic blast waves. 

One nuclear bomb would not be sufficient for Iran to even knock out one city, much less "destroy" an entire country!

Not even Russia or the USA deploy Neutron Warheads. 

So the question is: WHY is Israel so worried about the Iran deal? They have not signed the nuclear non-proliferation act themselves! No one gets to inspect Israel's nuclear facilities.

Stay tuned...

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